Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sugar Creek Vineyards and Winery, Defiance Mo.

Hello all! So sorry for the long delay between postings, but you know how CRAZY THE HOLIDAYS can make you! Yes you do, don't EVEN lie to yourself! ANYWAY...

So, today we went out a foraging again, close to home, but new to me and the Brew Crew nonetheless. Sugar Creek was our proposed destination and we did make the trip, arriving about 3 on a lazy, cold rainy afternoon. Driving in we found a lovely winding drive, that driver said he would not want to negotiate on a slick day, but it was picturesque! The facility is lovely, with a brick patio, and judging from the grounds (beautiful wall mural by the way)and the ambiance, would be a wonderful place to spend a lazy sunny afternoon. The signage says that they host a live band every weekend from April to October, and our hostess reminded us that they were also one of the two remaining area wineries that will allow you to bring in your own food for a lawn picnic too! We, of course left with our favorite bottle and two lovely etched tasters for the collection at home, man that is one full cupboard and getting fuller each week!!

We found the wines to be quite pleasant and tasty too! We started with the Semi Dry's - La Rustica White, Birdlegs Blush and Sunset Red. Of the three I must say I preferred the LaRustica White, a blend of Vidal and Seyval grapes fermented in stainless steel, leaving a crisp, dry finish without the added oakiness that I just dont need. However, as a side note the lovely pale Birdlegs Blush was a nice Chambourcin surprise too!

Moving on we tasted the Semi Sweet Boone Country White (this is right in the heart of none other than Daniel Boone country), finding the blend of Delaware and Chardonel, again fermented in stainless to be very pleasing and a nice taste change from the midwest wines we have become accustomed to. Me and the Brew Crew feel that we may have to keep some of this around the house for a porch sipping wine (that season is coming soon you know!). LaRustica Red was also a nice sweet wine full of cherry and berry flavors, this one would go nicely with any spicy fare.

As for the Sweets, they offer three, Peach Hollow (like fresh off the tree, you can positively taste the fuzz) - Raspberry Patch (the absolute BEST RASPBERRY we have encountered to date) - and Blackberry Thicket (would be a great spritzer with a splash of club soda). The Raspberry Patch is the bottle we brought home, this will be great cold, or mulled, we just can hardly wait to choose the occasion!

We also tasted (of course, you know driver) the Port. For our taste this port was a bit heavy on the brandy, but a fine port in its own right. Our hostess Vi told us that this was a $150 per gallon brandy from California. This port is offered in a split.

All in all I would have to say this will be one to go back to, with a blanket a picnic basket and the Crew to enjoy on a lazy, sunny Sunday afternoon. This being a boutique winery, they have small production runs and are only sold in select small locations. You cannot find these wines in the large grocery and stores, but they are sold in several smaller stores in the area, like Friar Tucks, Bombay Wine and Spirits and even Lucas Liquors!

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